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Vacant Land / Subdivisions

Are you thinking of Subdividing or in the process of subdividing and now at the stage of requiring a conveyancer? At Crescent Conveyancers we can assist you, we work with developers within large developments such as the Treendale development, to the small two lot subdivisions and realignment of boundaries etc. We work with your surveyors, converse with your bank and attend to the application and lodgement which creates the certificate of titles. We can also attend to the lodgement of any Notifications or Restrictive Covenants etc that may be required as part of your application obligations with your Local Shire, Western Australian Planning Commission, Water Corporation etc.


Rural/ Family Farm Transfers

Crescent Conveyancers can assist you with the following Rural Transactions:

  • Family Farm Transfers
  • Crown Land Transfers – Stations etc.
  • Rural Contracts that have tree farming leases
  • Water Allocations
  • Stock & Equipment
  • Life Tenancies
  • Memorials & Deeds affecting the Land
  • Mining/ Crop/ Cattle/ Agistment Leases etc.
  • We will work with the Department of Land and the Forrest Product Commission
  • We can complete foreign tax clearance certificates which are required for any property sold over 2 million.


Crescent Conveyancers have the experience and know how to complete all your commercial property settlement needs. Before drawing up a contract to purchase a commercial property you should always seek advice from your conveyancer/ accountant as commercial contracts can be extremely complex and if not prepared in the correct entity can cause a number of significant problems down the track. Many commercial properties have leases or strata management involved that may need to be transferred at settlement. There are many factors to consider when negotiating a commercial property leases and it’s important to understand the obligations you are agreeing to under the lease. A title search and if required a company search will also be completed to check for encumbrances which may affect how you can use the land required for your business.

Deceased Estate / Transmission Applications

Deceased Estate can be very complex and there are many factors to consider once a loved one has passed away. The team at Crescent Conveyancers can guide you through the process, allowing it to be a stress free and smooth experience. If you have been appointed Executor of a will or a Administrator you may be required to file an application for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. If the deceased was a sole proprietor or tenants in common a Transmission Application will need to be lodged once Probate or letters have been granted transferring their proportion of the property to the Executor and then if required on to the beneficiaries. A survivorship application is required to be lodged if the deceased and the survivor are joint tenants. The balance of the property is then transferred into the survivors name, Grant of probate is not required for this, although if a mortgage is registered over the property the bank must give consent.

Electronic Settlements

We have developed solutions to help our business stay ahead of customer satisfaction trends and focused on the requirements for electronic conveyancing which is the way settlements are progressing. There soon will not be the old manual system attending with paper documents in person at the bank or an agency in Perth. Crescent Conveyancers are accredited electronic conveyancers registered with PEXA. PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) is the future of conveyancing in Australia. It is the network platform for processing settlements electronically in real time, thereby reducing the risk of errors and delays. In the PEXA system the parties lodge land registry documents, complete settlement statements and lodge electronically. There are many great benefits for the buyer & seller these include:




· The property is transferred into your name within 24 hours

· Settlement completed on time (No Mail Delays)

· All documents are registered online prior to settlement being completed

· Funds cleared immediately – no waiting for bank cheques to clear

· No bank cheque fees

· No bank cheque fees

Private / Term Contracts

If you are buying or selling without the assistance of a real estate agent then the Crescent team can help you. We can provide you with a blank REIWA Contract for Sale/ Offer & Acceptance and Joint Form of General Conditions which outlines both the Buyers and Seller obligations. We can also provide you with AICWA/ CPC accredited guide books for both Buyers & Sellers which you will find extremely helpful.

Term Contracts are contracts created between two parties who have mutually agreed to pay the purchase price off over a period of years, however the title does not transfer to the buyer until the last payment is received. This is different to vendor’s mortgage where the property is transferred and the buyer just pays off the agreed payments like they would a bank loan. In both these instances this happens more in Rural Transactions where banks are not always willing to lend. If you are wanting to go this direction Crescent Conveyancers can assists you to get this right the first time.


Crescent Conveyancers has over 30 years’ experience dealing in residential property settlements throughout Western Australia. Whether you are a first home buyer or have been through the selling/ buying process previously, it can sometimes be a very daunting experience.

The professional and friendly team at Crescent Conveyancers can guide you through this sometimes complex process with ease ensuring the settlement of your home is completed on time and with a degree of professionalism that our office prides itself on.

From the initial process of dealing with Real Estate Agents to ensure conditions are met, title searches have been completed, to brokers/ banks making them aware of settlement dates and providing them with the necessary documentation. Our conveyancers are working for you, our valued clients, to complete your settlement accurately and efficiently.

Our conveyancers are provided with continued training and support that ensures we provide our Clients with the best possible experience throughout the settlement process.

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