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Crescent Conveyancers has over 30 years’ experience dealing in residential property settlements throughout Western Australia.

settlement agents bunbury


Crescent Conveyancers have the experience and know how to complete all your commercial property settlement needs.

settlement agents bunbury


Thinking of Subdividing or in the process of subdividing and now at the stage of requiring a conveyancer? We can assist you!

Your Local Settlement Agents

If you’re in the process of buying or selling residential, commercial or industrial property or vacant land, then you will most likely need the professional services of a settlement agent who is conversant with the local market.

Based in Bunbury, we are a friendly team of female professionals who offer a full suite of conveyancing services. From purchasing a farm to investing in a factory (and everything else in between), we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that has led to us becoming one of the most trusted settlement agencies in the South-West.

As well as being members of AICWA, all of our settlement agents have senior industry accreditations to their name and undertake regular specialty training to keep them up-to-date with changes to relevant legislation in the real estate sector.

Property Conveyancing Specialists

Here at Crescent Conveyancers, we know that the legal aspects of buying and selling property can often be a complicated and arduous one. Our goal is to simplify the process as much as possible for you, ensuring you of a smooth, seamless process from the first signature right through to final handover.  We know you have busy lives, so we want to make sure that your buying and selling experience is as enjoyable as possible by doing all the legal legwork for you. This includes undertaking:

  • Title searches
  • Bank liaisons
  • Applications for sub-division
  • Certificate of Title amendments
  • Deceased estate transfers

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settlement agents bunbury

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settlement agents bunbury

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settlement agents bunbury

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